Every Journey Starts With A Single Step!

Ciao! I’m Roxanne Stella, owner of STEPS in Tuscany LLC, and I’m glad you are here to learn more about the pre-set and concierge-designed experiences in Italy that I have to offer.

Each personalized adventure has been polished into a refined – yet relaxing – way to experience Italy’s rich culture, delightful flavors and fascinating landscapes.

They say every journey starts with a small step. And each step in the right direction can turn out to be the most rewarding. Especially when you are passionate about your goal. To honor my family’s Italian heritage and to share my passion for Italy, I took my first “step” to start STEPS in Tuscany in 2016 with planning small group experiences in the Tuscan region.

Nonno Stella’s First STEPS in “L’America

My Nonni Facondino and Chiara Stella were among the early Italian immigrants seeking a better life and hope for prosperity. Their first steps on U.S. soil were on Ellis Island in 1900.

They settled in Jessup, PA, a coal mining community to work and send money back to help their families in Gaifana, Umbria, in central Italy. They became U.S. citizens in 1918 and had 13 children. Their combined families are now into their fifth generation and have grown to over 200 relatives in the U.S. (An interesting point – 200 is also the population today in their hometown village of Gaifana in Umbria!)

What have I learned from my Italian ancestors? The best way to enjoy la dolce vita is with someone you treasure, be it family or friends. Allow me to share my passion for Italia and famiglia with you — for life is only beautiful if you can share it with others.